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Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Maximized conversions at minimized cost – get this great Pay Per Click Advertising Services from the NJ Pay-Per-Click Marketing and Management Company.

PPC refers to the digital advertising model for driving traffic to your website, where a publisher is paid by the advertiser. Whenever the ad is clicked, the advertiser will pay for it. Initially, you will pay just to grab targeted traffic to your website. However, as your PPC begins working correctly, the fee will be trivialized due to the more worth of clicks. PPC ads could pop up on screen in different forms such as images, videos, texts, or an amalgamation. These ads appear on websites, search engines, social media apps, etc.

An initial approach to earn more and more customers is the pay-per-click advertisement. Pay little to advertise your brand or company more via paid search advertising. You certainly need customers for the promotion of your brand where the pay-per-click advertisement is one way. One of the leading PPC agencies in New Jersey, Paragon Marketing enables you to drive more customers along with more conversions. Our advertising campaigns aim to drive the desired results. Our pay-per-click advertising services range from raising brand awareness to paid advertisement to driving customer interaction.

PPC Management Agency

Paragon pay-per-click management agency enables you to determine the scope of your aimed project. So, to attain this, we use our excellent skills to create end-to-end marketing campaigns which will certainly be result-driven. A few of the elements that make our campaign successful along with helping you encompass.

Keyword research

Keyword research either leads your campaign to success or failure since your entire PPC campaign revolves around keywords. Your chosen keywords must be relevant to your sold offerings; must include less common yet specific terms; must be expansive; must be shut off if they are underperforming; must be negative (non-converting). Therefore, to make our campaign successful in garnering the best results, we devise terms that use our know-how to thwart the repercussions. Most management companies miss devising the terms, but we are here to fill all the lags. So, we devise those terms for the success of our campaign as well as your brand promotion.

Landing pages

While clicking through, if customers reach your website, they identify at once whether the appearing page is relevant to their search or not. And if it’s not, it will not be gaining attention anymore. In order to make customers find the page relevant, we seamster the best landing pages to convert more leads. Boost conversation rates by aligning with individual search queries. It will be done solely when you keep modifying your content as per requirements.

Coupled ad copy

Grab customers attention through compelling ads even if they are paid. If paid ads let you get abundant clicks, the deal is good enough. Having great expertise, our professional writers couple the ad copy with keywords along with landing pages for keeping high-quality scores.

Strategized analysis

We aim to do strategized analysis pertaining to your industry and goals to meet the demanded criterion. Our thorough competitor analytics leads us to the edge at which we can gain competitiveness. Once we gain a competitive edge, we create a high-level strategy for success.

Reporting & analytics

Without thorough reporting and analysis, a PPC campaign couldn’t be improved. Reporting is a must-do thing in a PPC campaign since it lets you know the missing aspects and features which should be parts of your campaign. From recreating data to tracking different elements, we always let you know the progress of your campaign.

Persistent improvement

Close reporting, analytics, and monitoring ensure continuous improvement. We monitor our campaign on a regular basis to get to know about our improvements and shortcomings. We make improvements to ads, landing pages, and offers to maximize success.


Yes, PPC ads really work. Through this, you can earn the traffic, which is looking to buy, and it ultimately impacts sales numbers. People click on and act on online ads. People clicking on ads are more likely to buy a service than organic visitors.

PPC ads have many advantages in the marketplace for your business such as:

  • setting a custom budget that can be modified at any time
  •  accessing those useful options which are unavailable in traditional advertising
  • outranking competitors
  • maximizing performance by responding to campaign performance in real-time
  •  receiving the audience when they look for you
  •  fulfilling different goals
  •  promoting digital marketing initiatives

The businesses which PPC advertising is useful for include restaurants, manufacturers, franchises, insurance agencies, e-commerce stores, HVAC companies, dentists, heavy equipment dealers, etc.

PPC is a digital advertising technique through which your business can place ads across the web. In search results, PPC advertising helps you to promote your company.

Yes, PPC advertising is done on different social media platforms for the promotion of your company. Since it comprises images, videos, or text so all social media platforms are the best fit for it.

You could advertise with PPC ads across the web, where the most popular platforms include search results, social media, and third-party websites. Other than them, focus on other platforms including Google, Twitter, YouTube, Bing, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Focus on the most authentic channels for your business promotion according to your business. Your advertising budget must be dedicated to the platform your audience is using the most. Research your audience to focus on the platform with the most potential.

PPC ad network does refer to a platform that delivers your ads to visitors. Using an ad network, you will create PPC ads. Connect with different audiences through PPC ad networks.

Unlike traditional advertising, the pricing model in PPC advertising is different. In this, you will pay only when someone clicks on your ad instead of paying for the ad upfront.

The cost for a PPC ad campaign varies from business to business and strategy to strategy. The average cost of a PPC ad campaign for small to midsize businesses is $300 to $100 million per month. This cost is inclusive of ad spend, management services, and additional expenses.