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Quality Assurance

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies are under immense pressure to deliver high-quality software applications and products in a limited time.

The development processes, on the other hand, have become increasingly more complex and clients often end up with digital products that deliver a below-par user experience. The need of making sure that every developed digital solution is bug-free with all of its functionalities working smoothly has increased more than ever.

This is why companies are realizing the importance of testing during different phases in the development of their software, and mobile applications.

We at Paragon Marketing Inc offer customized, and scalable data-driven testing solutions for apps and software.

Over the last few years, we have helped hundreds of business benefit through improved testing accuracy and augmented software testing solutions.

Our quality assurance experts can perform testing through each stage of the software development lifecycle to make sure that you have an end product that meets your requirements in terms of usability, performance, efficiency, and security.

Our QA experts work closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive testing plan that enables them to take an in-depth analysis of the project’s available resources, size, and timeframe.

We then combine our technical knowledge and expertise with cutting-edge technology, and a strategic, integrated approach to ensure the digital solution at hand is mature and delivers exactly what it promises.

Some of the common methodologies we use to perform testing include automated testing, manual testing, functional testing, regression testing, performance testing, load/stress testing, compatibility testing, scalability testing, user-interface testing, unit testing, and server testing (directory, database, and Internet).

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If you are looking for reliable software quality assurance that can give fully tailored solutions to deliver a topnotch end product, Paragon Marketing is the company you can count on.

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