Digital Marketing Services – Should Be Kept In-house Or Outsourced

Digital Marketing Services – Should Be Kept In-house Or Outsourced

Business owners face different challenges on daily basis and when it comes to opting for digital marketing the only question that creates trouble for them is whether to create an in-house digital marketing team or outsource it which means hiring any external provider of services. So many questions might strike your mind while making this decision and one of them will be, which is the best option to reach your goals?

These days, there is a trend of in-house marketing, which is good economically, and you’ll also have access to all your data every time. At the same time, you can’t cover everything in-house, and not all the tools are properly understood by every marketer so in-housing is a challenging task too.

Most businessmen want to keep their marketing matters in-house and want to process them internally to have complete control over each activity as well as cost. However, with time, you’ll realize that in-house marketing does not work the way you planned.

On the other hand, those companies who prefer outsourcing digital marketing services are in a win-win situation as the digital marketing agencies come with high-end tools and their team of experts knows how to give a boost to your business without any guidelines.

However, in-source is still not a bad option for those who need to have a check and balance on everything. Well, there are pros and cons of both, and you need to look at each option deeply to select one for your company.

In House Marketing

Here I’m going to explain when to keep the marketing in-house and what’ll be the right time to outsource the marketing team. Below, I’m going to discuss a few situations that’ll tell your marketing in-house team is already turning heads up and you don’t need to outsource any other team for your brand.

  1. High leads generation

Are you feeling a difference in your overall sales ratio and leads? Have your marketing team stay busy all day talking to the clients and confirming deals with them? Is your team complaining about high leads and wants you to expand the team to deal with every prospect?

If yes, then congratulation your in-house team is working perfectly. If leads are in abundance and your team easily generates more traffic or customers monthly plus helps you raise profits then you don’t need to outsource any marketing team.

  1. Marketing Team Is Full

By that we mean, that if your team has all the key members who play a major role in digital marketing services and each aspect of online marketing is successfully dealt by your team then no need to go for outsourced option.

The key members of any marketing team include website developer and maintenance, social media manager, lead generator, copywriter/content writer, graphic designers, SEO expert, email/text marketing expert, and reporting expert. If your team has everyone linked to digital marketing and working on brand awareness, sales generation, email marketing, graphic designing, SEO, etc successfully then there’s no need to hire anyone else.

However, most of the time, business owners save money and do not prefer hiring any email marketing specialist or text marketing specialist. No worries, instead of outsourcing the whole team, you can hire one specialist from any good marketing agency. Moreover, some digital marketing agencies also can collaborate with your in-house team and work together to provide benefits to your business.

  1. Well Aware Of Every Strategy

If your in-house marketing team knows all the tactics and has years of experience in developing different strategies that bring more leads then you’re good to go. The marketing team should be aware of the close loop marketing strategies which means if you place any Facebook ad, then you already know how many people will probably become clients from viewers through the ad, unlike the traditional marketing where we place an ad on billboards with only the hope of attracting customers.

But here in digital marketing, a marketer estimates the ins and outs and makes a rough estimation of total leads generated from any social media ad.If the in-house team knows all the tactics then you don’t need to hire anyone from outside.

Right Time To Outsource Marketing

No matter how hard your in-house marketing team is working, still, the results aren’t up to the mark or the team is not optimizing any social media campaign properly or the leads are getting lower day by day then these are the signs that you need to switch to the outsource marketing.

However, no matter whether you opt for the insource marketing team or go for the external one, keep this in mind that nothing can be done overnight. All the campaign optimization, lead generation, and response to any marketing campaign by the target audience will take some time. Here are the alarming situations when you need to go for the outsourced team without wasting any more time.

  1. You’re not getting desired results

Are you tired of waiting for the higher leads and still your team failed to attract more customers? If your marketing team fails to hit the goals that you set for them, then it’ll be justified to choose any other experienced digital marketing agency like Paragon Marketing, a team of experts who knows how to manage strategies and optimize the sites to drive more leads.

One of the reasons that you’re not reaching the top is, that you have hired only one person for all the jobs. If you ask one person to fill all the gaps then that would be impossible. A copywriter will not know the ABC of designing, nor the website developer would’ve any idea about SEO, etc, so one should not rely on a single marketing employee to deal with everything.

By hiring a professional marketing agency, you’ll get a team of professionals who’ll work according to their expertise and bring in the results collectively. For example, if you ask the agency to develop a unique marketing campaign, then that’ll not be the work of only one team member instead the team collectively works to get you the desired results. The developers will focus on website development and optimization, the content creator will add some catchy lines to the campaign, a graphic designer will work on the visual appearance, and so on.

  1. Failure of Loop Marketing

Does your in-house marketing team fail to report loop marketing? No worries, you can hire any professional marketing agency for this work. An outsourced digital marketing team will give reports to your daily, weekly, monthly, or as you required. All the professional marketing agencies are experts in having closed-loop marketing in place.

By that we mean, if you ask them to start any campaign and bring in all the details, then they’ll make a report first for you that’ll include how the campaign or ad works, how many people will be likely to see it, and will this strategy works or not.

Thus, if your in-house marketing isn’t providing closed loop marketing in place then unfortunately your marketing strategies aren’t going to work because without calculating the risk and profits you can’t trust any campaign blindly.

  1. Your work never gets completed timely

Are you planning to launch a new social media campaign for the past few months and your team is still failing to accomplish this task? Does your team always in the hassle to complete work before weekends? Are you always under stress related to marketing strategies? If yes, then that means this is the time to think about outsourcing.

With the help of a professional marketing agency, all your posts will be uploaded on time, and all the campaigns will run smoothly at right time with the help of the right tools. No one will be in rush to upload your new ad, instead, each ad will be uploaded properly with the assurance that it’ll reach the target audience.

  1. No strategies are followed

If you don’t make a strategy before starting marketing and do not follow the plans then your brand ranks will drop eventually. If you think your marketing team is just posting to stay active on social media and not planning anything before posting nor the hashtags or keywords are proper then this is the time to outsource the professionals.

If you are a business expert then that doesn’t mean you’ll be making heads up in marketing too. So, if you assign the task to your marketing team to generate leads by staying active on social media, then it’ll be their duty to plan strategies, campaigns, creative content, and attractive photos to generate traffic. And if they fail to do it, then you should outsource a digital marketing team.


To choose the best option, you need to think and evaluate your business goals first. What are your goals, your budget, and your requirements? All these things matter the most while making a decision. If you want to hire a team with a low budget and want to focus on just one target, then in-house marketing will be the suitable option. However, outsourcing the digital marketing professionals will help you focus on every aspect of marketing and aids in promoting your business on each platform, but to opt for this option, your budget should be high.


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