Procuring Digital Marketing Services Can Be A Challenging Task

Procuring Digital Marketing Services Can Be A Challenging Task

Before the pandemic, mostly the luxury brands and big businesses were into digital marketing and they were strongly promoting their brands digitally. However, we all know that 2020-2021 have been chaotic years, some of the small or big businesses shut down permanently, while others temporarily closed their services but most of them switch to online platforms.

Those years, also changed the fate of digital marketing, as now most brands are successfully running online and people are preferring online purchases/sales of products and services. Since then, the competition in digital marketing has increased, so are the challenges.

Reaching the target audience at right time and attracting them with relevant content could be the crux of the matter. It is easier to say, digital marketing services can help you boost the business or it aids in generating high revenue but it’s harder to be done.

Dealing with different tools and tactics is the same as Chinese arithmetic, although digital marketers will work their level best, but still procuring digital marketing services could be challenging too.

Digital Marketing Challenges

According to the survey, the digital marketing importance has increased during the pandemic years and it becomes a powerful tool for brands to communicate with their customers. Due to the higher consumers, digital marketers are trying to make changes in strategies to meet their demands and expectation which are getting high. Some of the challenges the digital marketers faced include:

  1. Attracting More Customers and quality lead

Approaching the customer isn’t as easy as it seems and bringing back the ones who already buy once from you is even tougher. Because the customer needs and requirements change with time, so your brands need to be updated accordingly. If you’re not selling, what the customer is looking for, then no one will attract to your website no matter how good it is.

Attracting and acquiring customers is challenging for digital marketers too. These days the competition is tough, every other brand is trying their level best to attract customers in every way possible. In this congestion, bringing some out-of-the-box strategies could be hard for everyone.

Small businesses only rely on SEO and social media marketing to attract their customers, and a digital marketer can’t suggest PPC. So, generating new content and making sure that it appeals to a higher number of people is undoubtedly hard to accomplish. However, whether your business is small or big, if it has high visibility on social media or any other platform, then you’re good to go.

How to be visible to customers all the time? With the help of trendy keywords and incorporating them into your content will help you to be in the top ranks which is quite tough. Some keywords are expensive and agencies have to create such unique content, build links, and have to work on different strategies to attract customers.

However, nothing is impossible. Generating more customers could be challenging, but digital marketers know how to resolve the issues. Because attracting huge traffic is a marathon, which will need time and effort. The marketers need to be clear with the goal, specify the target audience, work on their core strengths, and use marketing automation to generate leads easily.

  1. Creating Appealing Content

If the content you create fails to engage a customer, then there’s no use of any other thing. Content is the key, if it’s engaging enough to keep the customers busy on your website or page and to make any purchase only then your content marketing strategies will be successful.

By content, we do not mean only the captions/blogs/articles, because in the past few years audio and video content is become quite popular. You can only be in the limelight if you create captivating video or audio content. Agencies need to work on content creation from time to time. With each passing day, we see new trends or the latest social media campaigns, so digital marketers need to update the brand page/website accordingly which could be a tough task.

Honestly, the customer is always looking for fresh content and only goes for those brands which are trending on social media platforms. In 2022, the most popular content that gains views, and drives huge traffic are podcasts, short videos, challenging videos, live-streaming, Instagram/Facebook/Twitter stories, and posts with trendy hashtags.

To meet the client’s requirements, a digital marketer will be creating content marketing strategies, planning the content posting or scheduling them through different tools, set the timings, and hashtags to make it trendy. However, if you looking for an agency that never fails to create engaging content and help their clients to generate higher revenue, then I’d suggest you go for Paragon Marketing.

  1. Obeying the data regulations & privacy

A digital marketing agency should’ve to follow the rules and laws set by GDPR. Not all consumers want to share data with you, only a few of them will understand to provide any personal information while others want more privacy yet transparency when it comes to sharing their information.

Marketers need to create websites that are secure and transparent enough to build the customer’s trust. A website should be safe and clear about its policies related to privacy, data sharing, and cookies. However, GDPR already sets the rules and regulations related to how long you can keep any website visitor’s data and how to give the ultimate protection to the visitors.

Digital marketers need to evolve their privacy regulations every day even every hour to keep third-party cookies out from their website and to attract more customers by following the rules and regulations set by the targeted country.

  1. Mobile-friendly websites/pages

If the website you created for any brand or the page you set for any business isn’t mobile friendly then unfortunately, you’ll end up losing huge traffic. These days everyone prefers browsing or doing online shopping through their smartphones and only a few of them use laptops for this purpose. It’s a must for the marketers to ensure that the page or website created by them will run smoothly on mobile phones.

To assure the clients that you’ve created a mobile-friendly website, make sure to test your site on different mobile devices first and also place orders on it just to check if it’ll run smoothly till the end or not. Don’t forget that if you add any large videos on websites, then it’ll take ages to load so be mindful while putting the data on the site.

  1. Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

This is another challenging task for the digital marketer. These days, the customers are super active on different platforms and they can approach your site in any way. So, it won’t be wise for a marketer to put their whole focus on planning strategies for a single platform like email or Facebook or text etc. However, it’d be challenging for the agencies to keep an eye on multiple platforms at a time, and plan their strategies plus implement them as per the trends.

Nevertheless, the key is to focus on that platform more, where the traffic is high. Add your email, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to Facebook to keep the user busy on your multiple platforms. If you prefer email marketing or text marketing then make sure to add your social media page links in the texts too to establish omnichannel marketing.

  1. Staying updated with the google algorithm

In 2022, most of the things have been changed, evolved, or transformed but one thing that stays consistent is the dominancy of Google. It’s still the largest search engine, and millions of brands are promoting their services or products through google plus prefer it over everything. To make high visibility or to show your presence on google, a marketer needs to work hard.

Google search engine adds new features, and different rules and makes changes in the algorithm on daily basis. One has to compete with everything to be on the google ranking pages. However, it’d be challenging for any agency to keep an eye on the google algorithm all the time and to update the website accordingly. Although, with strong SEO strategies you can compete with them successfully.

  1. Brand Awareness

Another challenging task faced by the digital marketing team will be promoting brand awareness. You won’t be able to drive traffic or generate more customers if your brand awareness is zero.

However, promoting brand awareness itself isn’t that hard but promoting it successfully isn’t a piece of cake either. A marketer has to create content that compiled all the brand-related information in the best attractive yet promotional way possible.

By using the omnichannel approach, one can easily promote the brand but still, everything depends on the content marketing strategies developed by a marketer. To engage more people with your brand awareness, a marketer will have to plan the right timing, right channel, and right strategies. Undoubtedly, it’ll take a lot of effort and time, but you can also use all the tools that’ll help you in the promotion.


These all are some of the basic challenges faced by digital marketing agencies. However, with hard work, and effort, by using the right strategies and tools, the agencies are working their level best. Although, one should select a marketing company like paragon marketing that knows how to overcome all the challenges faced during brand promotion, marketing, or awareness.

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