How important are Apps for Today’s Business

How important are Apps for Today’s Business

Technology opens up new opportunities to leverage your business through mobile applications. Find out what the advantages of mobile apps are and why you should have one. At present, practically all people have personal mobile devices with which they interact all day in their daily tasks. This is where a great opportunity arises for companies to be even closer to their customers and create another sales channel.

The vast majority of day-to-day tasks are done through a smartphone: buying plane tickets, paying in a restaurant, recording moments and sharing them, even buying products from the palm of your hand. Technology is changing the ways of doing things and companies must adapt to that. Having a mobile app today for your company is vital. Do you want to know why? Read on and know all its benefits!

Data, information technology, and communications are everywhere we go. They are on the computers, tabs, cell phone, TV and even on the home appliances (Internet of Things). Hence, businesses cannot be alien to this reality and must penetrate with full force in a connected world by useful apps and software.

The importance of a company having its own mobile app lies in certain variables one of the most important is the increasing use of smart devices because adapting to the new habits of users is an obligation.

Here are some advantages of having an app for your brand or company:

  1. Connect with Customers

Mobile apps can become a new channel of communication that connects your brand with the user. Through apps, you can receive a lot of feedback to use to improve your strategies or simply provide a more direct and convenient customer service.

  1. Reinforce your Brand Image

Having an app will help you increase your visibility since you will be present in the app store and you will have a greater reach. On the contrary, complementing this with a good communication on the web, for example with a banner linking to the app or highlighting it in some section of the web/post in the blog can help you improve your brand image. In addition, it is a differential value that can help you to excel over your competition if you manage to do better than them.

  1. Increase Loyalty

You have many customers, but you always want more because the competition is fierce. When you have already got someone to buy your product or service, what interests your customer is that they are happy and comfortable with you to continue buying or recommending your brand to their friends.

  1. Increase Sales

By developing an app for your business, you will not only be strengthening your brand, but you will also be opening a new sales channel from where users can shop for your products as they would from a physical branch or online store.

Being a new sales channel, apps can facilitate the purchasing process and increase the sales in an incredibly remarkable way. Currently, 32% of purchases are closed in the mobile and could be more if the process is facilitated with an intelligent app. In addition, customers can use the app to offer exclusive offers and promotions.

  1. Improve Your SEO

Google indexes the apps from Play Store and iTunes in the results of any query in the search engine. If you know how to link your app well with your website (especially if the app is a complement and has a very different operation than the web, as in the applications of running sports brands), the app downloads will translate into a greater number of views to your web.

  1. Generate User Engagement

The best thing about using apps is that it gives companies and businesses the possibility to participate with their customers in real-time, depending on the location, the time and their tastes, while providing the best opportunity to create a profile and respond to it.

  1. Easy to handle

It is easier for a single person to handle various complicated aspects such as marketing, development and customer service, often assisted by some freelance workers. Keep in mind that this is a market that is in full growth, in fact, the app developer is among the most demanded digital profiles in the coming years. A freelancer specialized in this field will be able to design your apps and perform the tests and necessary corrections to function properly. Then you can be the one that handles all the aspects related to the management and the monitoring of the application.

  1. Offline Availability

Not all people have access to the Internet all day long. A mobile app will allow your users to browse the catalog of your products, news, and promotions anytime they want whether or not they have an Internet connection.


In conclusion, mobile apps represent a widely extended opportunity today, so their development must be subject to market, customer and competition studies.

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